November 27, 2020

357- Ectoplasm - Face Steak

Josh and Jason discuss all things weird and strange in this latest episode. Including the delicacy that we are calling Face Steak. Enjoy!!


Jason and Josh discuss the latest with the Utah monolith!

Jason and Josh are again joined by Coy and Felicia Pittman in this episode which they recorded live from Big Rip Brewing Company in KC. Enjoy! 

Jason and Josh are joined live with Coy and Felicia Pittman on this episode! The gang got together and recorded this episode live from Big Rip Brewing Company in KC. Enjoy!

In this episode of the Ectoplasm Show we talk about haunted cemeteries from around the world and the legends of the ghosts that haunt them.


  • Workman’s Chapel Cemetery, Iowa
  • Old Western Burial Ground Baltimore, Maryland
  • Louis Cemetery #1, New Orleans
  • Stull Cemetery
  • Rookwood Cemetery Sydney, Australia
  • Bachelor's Grove Cemetery Chicago, Illinois
  • Paul’s Episcopal Church Cemetery
  • Green Mount Cemetery, maryland
  • Resurrection Cemetery In Chicago
  • Chestnut Hill Cemetery In Rhode Island
  • La Recoleta - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Highgate Cemetery - North London, England
  • Glasnevin Cemetery - Dublin, Ireland 

Sleep Paralysis, Randonautica App, Seizures, Demonic Possessions, Covid Exorcisms, And Naked Dude Covered in Ranch Dressing. 

The Paranormal Video Podcast where we discuss the paranormal, Sasquatch, UFOs, pretty much everything under the sun and then some! Every Sunday from 7-9 PM CST. Exclusively LIVE on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

On this episode of the Ectoplasm Show we tell some personal stories we have had recently including a trip to the desert that resulted in strange lights from the sky, was it ufos, and crazy voices in the canyon. 

Forrest Fenn past away earlier this month which closes a chapter on his famous treasure that was recently claimed to have been found. Do you think it was real?

A bigfoot researcher in Alabama was recently arrested for attempted murder.

The United States and Japan came to a agreement on information sharing about UFOs!

The I.S.S. has a slow oxygen leak that makes us question why it is still in use after 21 years.

Phone Number: 913-730-7255



Jason Kupzyk & Josh Heard of The Ectoplasm Show Interview Jonathan Davis head of The Flat Earth Society on this Throwback Episode #147.

(PLEASE EXCUSE THE IDIOT NAMED POTTER!, There is a reason we only had her on the show for a couple episodes!)

Do you believe in the possibility that the earth could be flat? We asked the questions that our listeners wanted to ask as well as several others. 

Conclusion? It's Possible. 




On this episode of the Ectoplasm Show we have special guest Brad Taylor of the Sofa King Podcast! With Brad we talk about some is UFO sighting he had when he was younger, a ghost or poltergeist encounter he had when we was a kid in an abandoned mansion in Bakersfield CA and all kind of other great paranormal topics!

Brad also talks about becoming a podcaster, some personal stories about himself that made him in to the man he is today! 

It was a very fun episode to record and we hope to have him back on in the future.

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Talked about: Ghosts, Ufos, Aliens, Bigfoot, Missing 411, Haunted Places, Power of the Mind, Magic The Gathering, Vampires, Abductions, Cryptids, Cryptozoology, End Of the World, Space Force, Mothman, The Paranormal, Religion, Spirits & Much More!

Throwback to Episode 037 Flying Humanoids

Josh and The Good Dr. discuss flying humanoids including Jason's very own flying humanoid experience in Kansas City! Have you ever seen a flying humanoid?

UFOs in Human Form

Sightings of flying humanoids are truly one of our world's most bizarre unsolved mysteries. The narrative is usually as simple as it sounds. ... They're seeing humans, or human-like creatures, suspended in air, apparently flying on their own.



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Paranormal Podcast! Ghosts, Aliens, Bigfoot. Weird, Strange, Odd and everything in between. Get your fix with The Ectoplasm Show!

-David Blaine Takes off on a balloon lawn chair adventure!

-Pilots landing at LAX say a rocketman was flying 300 yards off their wing while on final approach.

-Elon Musk wants to chip your brain! Josh wants to be a musk zombie on Elon Musk’s Mars basecamp.

-You can buy the Lizzie Borden House that is not really the one you wanted.

-Siberian Scientist may have found White Walkers in a crater up north!

-Alien numbers station comes to life again after 157 day.


September 1, 2020

344- Ectoplasm- Dybbuk Box

This week on The Ectoplasm Show we discuss Dybbuk Boxes.

A dybbuk is a restless, usually malicious, spirit believed to be able to haunt and even possess the living. A dybbuk box is exactly what it sounds like, a dybbuk or spirit trapped in a box and sealed in hopes of no one opening it in the future. Effectively keeping the spirit at bay.

Did Post Malone get cursed by the Dybbuk Box when he visited it at Zak Bagan’s (Ghost Adventures) Haunted Museum in Las Vegas Nevada?

We then tell an incredibly detailed story from someone claiming that they opened a dybbuk box of their own and the horrors that fell upon them

Then we discuss whether we really should open one of our own that we purchase off Ebay or somewhere else online.





Big Rip Brewery


El Yucateco

Jason and Josh discuss different haunted objects that are found on ebay!

Jason and Josh are joined by their good friend Jeff Adamec!!

August 11, 2020

341- Ectoplasm- Dave Moton!

Jason and Josh are joined by Sofa King's Dave Moton!! Enjoy!!

Kupzyk and Josh dive deep into the inner workings of L Ron Hubbard. Enjoy!!

Jason and Josh dive into some of the latest in paranormal news and then are joined by one of their patrons Josh! Enjoy!!

Jason and Josh dive into the legend and lore of the Goatman! Enjoy!

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