April 18, 2018

255- Ectoplasm - Getting Sucked Out a Window by Planet X Whilst Hanging Out With Art Bell in the Bushes

Paranormal News for the week! We lost Art Bell & Barbara Bush this week and now they are kicking in the after life. Jason traveled to Iowa over the weekend and now hates the state and their stupid tornado/dinner bell sirens even more. We had fun at Malvern Manor with Shaggy and the ParaHolix Saturday night. Josh asked for the "L" word and got denied!

Getting sucked out of a plane window at 30,000 feet would suck ass. Will you survive Planet X on April 23rd? Does Jim Carry believe in the number 23? Alien hunting Space X and Musk is now the Illuminati's little bitch.

10 Louisiana State Senators say yes to sodomizing animals... mail Josh Heard edibles to the manor in Malvern Iowa. The Brown Acid is bad and killing many Holistic Healers world wide. NAZIs ON THE MOON!!!

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