September 15, 2020

Brad Taylor Of Sofa King Podcast - Ectoplasm Show - Episode 347

On this episode of the Ectoplasm Show we have special guest Brad Taylor of the Sofa King Podcast! With Brad we talk about some is UFO sighting he had when he was younger, a ghost or poltergeist encounter he had when we was a kid in an abandoned mansion in Bakersfield CA and all kind of other great paranormal topics!

Brad also talks about becoming a podcaster, some personal stories about himself that made him in to the man he is today! 

It was a very fun episode to record and we hope to have him back on in the future.

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Talked about: Ghosts, Ufos, Aliens, Bigfoot, Missing 411, Haunted Places, Power of the Mind, Magic The Gathering, Vampires, Abductions, Cryptids, Cryptozoology, End Of the World, Space Force, Mothman, The Paranormal, Religion, Spirits & Much More!

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