January 9, 2022

Humanity Needs You To Have Sex In Space! JOSH IS BACK - Paranormal News - Episode 387

Josh Heard is back on The Ectoplasm Show! On this episode Josh Heard and Jason Kupzyk catch up after having not recorded together for a while. Then we dive in to a few paranormal news stories we missed. The aliens are definitely coming and the secret asparagus cabal is not letting their divine prophet tell us the truth. Oh and also sentient robots are coming to kill us all.


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Some of the articles discussed:


Naked Extraterrestrial Captured on Trail Cam at Montana UFO Hotspot?



Are Mothman Sightings at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport Being Covered Up?



Ameca Humanoid Robot AI Platform



The Asparamancer’s Pointed Vegetable-Based Predictions for 2022



Alien invaders could turn asteroids into city-destroying bombs before bleeding Earth dry, professor wildly claims.



New Study Calls for More Sex in Space




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